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Join the Largest and Fastest Growing Mortgage Broker In The Country

Since 2019 Nexa has grown from 40 loan officers to more than 2000. Tens of thousands of retail lenders are moving to the broker world and there's never been a better time to join Nexa.

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Greg Tracy

Sales Manager

Five Star Support!

Nobody Does Support Like Nexa. Live Support When You Need it, Plus a Vibrant LO Support Community.

How do we do this?

Pricing | Products | Support | Compensation

Better Pricing

Nexa is the largest broker in the nation, by a wide margin. And with that size, comes great rates. If fact, we have lower rates than any other broker with some wholesale lenders

Great Support

Nobody does support the way we do! You'll have live, direct access to a network of on-call,producing LO's and other pros and reps to help you with whatever you need. And if you have a loan in a state you aren't licensed in, they'll help you with those loans, too.

More Products

We work with more than 230 wholesale lenders and we have more loan products than anyone. DPA, New Construction, Commercial, Reverse, HELOC, Jumbo, etc? Hundred of Rates Sheets and Hundreds of Products

Highest Compensation

You will earn 220 bps on your loans from the start, and you're paid the full 275 bps on your loan production over $3Million! Plus a powerful recruiting bonus system where you could earn thousands of dollars/month.

Join a live presentation where we show you our rates live and give you all the details

Greg Tracy

Sales Manager

How It Works
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Recruiting Bonus (Residual Income)

Tell a friend and earn extra income...​
  • You are paid approximately 10bps of the company's profit from the production of any loan officer you refer into the company.  

  • And a chance to earn even more 

  • If five of the people that you refer close a loan in the same month, you are paid a bonus on the monthly production of each of them, of course, but you also get a bonus of 10 bps from anyone those people have referred into the company.

  • If ten of the people you refer close a loan in a month, again, you are paid on their monthly production, plus the production of the people that those people referred in, and the people that those people referred in! It can add up to nice residual income. And, you also earn an extra 55 bps on all of your monthly production after the first $2Million instead of $3Million

  • If fifteen people you refer in close a loan in a month- you get all of the recruiting bonuses and a bonus of 55 bps on your personal production for the month after the first $1Million.

  • And if twenty people you refer in close a loan in a month, you get all the recruiting bonuses and a bonus of 55 bps on ALL of your personal production for the month.

Earn up to 275 bps per loan

Regardless of whether or not you refer anyone into the company.

You are paid 220 bps on your closed files right from the start

You'll be paid 275 bps on all of your production

above $ 3Million in any month

And you'll have all of the rate sheets and you'll have all of the loan products of more than 230 lenders 

Lower Rates |More Loan Products | More Compensation


Nobody Does Support Like NEXA...

Live, instant support six days/week

Monday through Saturday you'll have a support network that consists of experienced, producing loan officers and wholesale lender account executives who are standing by to connect with you to help you with your loan questions, product guidelines, and other help you might need. And if you have a loan you can't close because it's in a state you aren't licensed in, coaches who are licensed in those states can help you with those, too.

Health and Dental Benefits

Want the flexibility and pricing of a broker, but want reasonably priced health, dental, and vision benefits? Nexa has you covered!


Working at Nexa means you can also contribute to your 401(k) retirement account.

Why Us

Contact Us

We look forward to a private discussion with you about your business and goals and showing you who we are and how we may be able to support you and be a part of your story. Regardless of the outcome, we value meeting good people and networking with professionals like you.

Thanks for submitting- I will get back to you shortly!

You can also reach me at

801-232-2052 or

Greg Tracy

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